Dr. Rodrick s. Katete

BSc, BSc with Honours (Wits, RSA), MPhil, PhD (Sheff.,UK), Postdoctoral Research Fellow (UCT, RSA), Assoc. Prof., B/C, A/HoD (Texila American Uni, ZM), Biochemistry Lecturer, Dean (Mukuba Uni. ZM) Dr. Katete is currently the Acting Dean of School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at Mukuba University. He teaches General and Metabolic Biochemistry. Dr. Katete did his Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (Carnegie Corporation of New York Postdoctoral Fellow) inDr. Zenda Woodman’s HIV: Structure-Function and Viral Fitness Research Group at the University of Cape Town, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology.


About the school of Mathematics and Natural Science

Mukuba University is one of the three transformed Teacher Training Colleges into Universities, established by the Higher Education act of 2013. The transformation is to create a university focusing on Teaching, Research and Innovation for national development. Its previous primary role was to produce teachers for Science, Mathematics and Technology related subjects. The forerunner of Mukuba University is Copperbelt Secondary Teachers’ College (COSETCO), which has provided valuable historical experiences on which the new University is supported. Using this firm foundation and recent government’s decision to put Mukuba University under the Copperbelt University Council, Mukuba University is now fast launching itself as a reputable University that can compete favourably with other Universities specialising not only in the fields of Mathematics and Science education but also mathematics, natural sciences, innovation, allied health professions, health sciences, ICT and business studies for national development. Currently, the University has four Schools, namely; School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, School of Applied Sciences and Technology, School of Education and School of Postgraduate Studies.

The Year 2020 has seen the fastest expansion of the Mukuba University since its inception. As part of this rapid expansion, the university introduced the Institute of Biomedical and Health Sciences (IBHS). The Institute will be offering Programmes at Diploma, BSc, MSc and PhD level starting from Year 2021. Furthermore, the institute will have all the capabilities to offer online short intensive courses. In addition to the Schools and the Institute, Mukuba University has now the Centre for Professional and Extension Studies (CPES)that is offering Online Short intensive courses in various fields. In order to advance Research and Innovation of the highest international standards, the School of Postgraduate Studies was created in addition to the Directorate of Research and Innovation. These are currently managed by well experienced full time academic staff. It is envisioned that Mukuba University will become the powerhouse of Research and Innovation.


  1. To promote and maintain academic excellence in Teaching, Learning, Research, Innovation, and Consultancy
  2. To review programmes in order to assess their effectiveness and accessibility by relevant beneficiary in view of the university status with appropriate trained staff.
  3. To increase access of all SMNS programmes to students from rural areas
  4. To embark on an aggressive programme of rehabilitating the old infrastructure and also develop appropriate infrastructure to support institutional activities
  5. To design a comprehensive and diversified University curriculum with relevant linkages to other educational levels and to the needs of socio-economic development
  6. To enhance financial sustainability and management, and expand sustainable financial resources base
  7. To develop a framework to co-ordinate provision of the open and distance education, and promote satellite university points throughout the country
  8. To improve the learning environment by provision of state of the art technology in all classrooms and library
  9. To increase the research and innovation output of the SMNS academic staff
  10. To rebrand and market Mukuba University