Dr. SIMANGO, Benson

Dr. Benson Simango is Dean of Students for Mukuba University. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Zambia, his master’s degree in educational administration and management at the National University of Ireland and his Doctor of Education (D.ED.) degree in education management and leadership at the University of South Africa. He began work in the Dean of Students office in 2017 and was appointed substantively as Dean of Students in January 2020. He is responsible for providing leadership, administration and general oversight for the Office of the Dean of Students as well as Student Conduct, Student Services, and facilitates Student Development through the guidance and counselling unit.


Dean of Students office is currently located within Chambishi hostels. It is the central office for the unit with overall responsibility for the student’s governance and personnel services, disciplinary control, management of student accommodation records, policy development and coordinating of planned activities. The Office of the Dean of Students serves a central role in student learning and development, advancing the University’s mission of teaching, research, and community service by fostering academic and social networks through which students develop as intentional learners and global citizens. The Office of the Dean of Students creates opportunities to involve students, faculty and staff in diverse learning communities and provides a critical support structure for enriching the overall student experience.


To be a centre of excellence in the provision of student facilities and services.


Excellence in student welfare and provision of standard accommodation services in order to enhance the quality of education in the nation.


The Office of Hall Warden provides safe, secure, comfortable, accessible and healthy rooms for its residents. The serene environment fosters learning, personal development, academic achievement, and successful transitions for both new and returning students. These are homes for both Full time and Open and Distance Learning students engaged in various academic programmes. The rooms are only used as private living study rooms. Admission to a Hall of Residence is by an on line application on the MUKUBA web page  www.mukuba.edu.zm

The university has two (2) types of Halls of residence.


  1. New university hostels (Pictures of New Hostels)

 These are self-catering hostels with; four (4) plate cooker for six (6) occupants, bed and mattress, a study chair and table for each occupant.


  1. Old university hostels (Pictures of Old Hostels & Kitchenettes)

 These are self-catering, with common kitchenettes fitted with four (4) plate cookers.  Each room has a bed and mattress, a study chair and table for each occupant.


The university hostels are located in a serene environment. The rooms occupy two (2) to four (4) depending on the location. The university does not provide rooms for married couples and nursing mothers. The university does not guarantee accommodation for every student and does not offer private apartments.

The university has two (2) Caterers who offer both local and international Cuisines in the University Cafeteria. They also offer outside catering services.

The University provides a wide range of social/sports clubs to registered students on campus. Apart from various sports clubs registered with the Dean of Students Office we also have the University Drama Society Club, the Zambia Red Cross Society, Mathematics Club, Entrepreneurship club among many others.

The university has a union called Mukuba University Students Union (MUKUSU). All registered students are members and are encouraged to participate in the affairs of the union which is recognised by the Higher Education Act, 2013.

The Open and Distance Learning students are members through an association called Mukuba University Distance Education Students Association(MUKUDESA). This gives students a voice in the University governance issues.


The working policy of the career Guidance and Counselling Unit in the Dean of Students ‘office outlines the following objectives:


(i)To offer counselling and Guidance to students on opportunities for

     chosen careers in the university

(ii)  To establish and maintain contact between the university and prospective Employers (Government, industry, commerce and professions) so as to acquaint them with the courses and programs of studies being pursued by students at the university and to enable employers acquaint the schools with the areas of studies where students can seek employment;

(iii) To organise talks, lectures, and seminars on careers through which students could be acquainted with the requirements of various employing agencies. Talks on health related subjects like AIDS will also be organised through the same channels.

(iv) In conjunction with Deans and Heads of Departments to arrange vacation training schemes including practical attachments to schools and industries;


(v) To assist in sourcing for vacancies for appointment and keep in close touch with graduates of the university as to what jobs are available and to use feed-back from graduates to help the schools and Department in preparing future schemes;

(vi) To help build up a library on careers involving official publications and brochures of employing agencies to serve as an information centre for students;

(vii) To assist students in all problems arising from academic, personal and social adjustments

(viii) To counsel students on special problems.

(ix)  To organise visits to places of employment so that students can observe the various organisations at work; AND

(x) To assist individual students in planning obtaining and deriving maximum educational and social benefits from their potentials and experiences.

The task of counselling is to give the clients an opportunity to explore, discover and clarify ways of living more resourcefully and towards greater well-being. During your stay in University from year one until the day you graduate, you may require advice on a number of issues. Do not be lonely share your problems.


The university health service operates 24/7. The health services cater for all students including the surrounding area. The clinic offers the following services:

  1. Outpatient department (OPD)
  2. Family Planning
  • Male circumcision
  1. VCT/HIV testing services (HTS)
  2. Adolescent Reproductive health services
  3. Anti-Retroviral Therapy Clinic (ART)
  • Nutritional assessment and counselling services
  • Immunization and Growth monitoring
  1. Post-natal care


Serious cases are referred to other facilities including Kitwe Teaching Hospital.


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The university offers various facilities for sports, recreation and cultural activities. There are many sporting clubs registered with the Dean of Students Office such as: Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Football, Netball, Table Tennis, Volleyball and University Drama Society, among many others. All registered students can join any sport or club of their choice. There are several areas of recreation on campus to which all categories of students are welcome.

Student Engagement and Leadership encourages co-curricular learning, leadership development, and personal development through social engagement, cultural enrichment, community service, artistic exploration, and intellectual growth. The Dean of Students staff engages students in activities supporting self-reflection, skill acquisition, and leadership development.