Dr. Chipampe Lombe (PhD, MSc, UWC. RSA) (Acting Dean).

Dr Lombe is currently the Acting Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Mukuba University. She teaches Molecular Biology and General Biochemistry. Her research focus areas include the application of bioinformatics and molecular biology techniques to identify novel diagnostic biomarkers for non-communicable and communicable diseases and using nanotechnology to execute the molecular work for real time diagnostics.

About the School of Graduate Studies

The Mukuba University School of Graduate Studies affords students the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies in various STEM disciplines. It ensures research capacity enhancement across all schools at the university. The school aligns postgraduate programmes as well as support services for graduate students. It participates in and encourages various student exchange opportunities for student exchange and international collaborations. In addition, the school has partnered with the Directorate of Research and Innovation to give focused attention to doctoral students.


Master of Science in Nutritional Sciences

This programme provides students with an advanced understanding of human nutrition through a curriculum that includes skills acquisition with application in both research and community settings


  • Master of Science Biochemistry
  • Master of Science Physics
  • Master of Science Chemistry
  • Master of Education in Education Management
  • Master of Education in Quality Assurance
  • Master of Education in Science Education

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