Acting Dean: Dr Ferdinand HANDAVU – Dip For, BSc For, MSc NCBM, PhD For. Sciences

Dr Ferdinand Handavu is a Forest Scientist/Biodiversity Conservationist with more than 10 years’ experience at national and regional level. He is a lecturer in the Department of Environment and Climate Change and Also Acting Dean in the School of Graduate Studies. Additionally, Dr Handavu has been involved in a number of climate change and mitigation research works such as; (i) Systematic review of carbon dynamics and assessment methods in the Miombo woodlands for REDD+ schemes; (ii) Examining the impact of land-use/land-cover change on vegetation’s potential for carbon sequestration in miombo woodlands; (iii) Modelling biomass and Carbon sequestration potential of selected miombo woodland sites in Zambia for climate change mitigation (iv) Assessing socio-economic factors influencing land-use/land-cover change and rural forest dependant community resilience in selected sites of Copperbelt miombo woodlands. His research works on climate change and mitigation has informed policy at regional level on matters of climate change mitigation and rural livelihood. He possesses several skills and capabilities such as analytical skills using a number of statistical packages such as Minitab, Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), CANOCO program; excel 2019 version.

About the School of Graduate Studies

As a public institution of higher learning, Mukuba University’s core business is Teaching, Research and Consultancy as a service to the nation. In order to actualise its core business, Mukuba University, established the School of Graduate Studies (SGS) in 2020, whose mandate is to coordinate graduate programmes with respect to syllabi administration, student progress examination and the general welfare of graduate students. The SGS trains graduate students in multidisciplinary programmes of speciality in order to increase its level of relevance to industry and assist the government meet key sustainable development goals (SDG). It is envisioned that in line with Mukuba University vision of “Raising the university profile through academic excellence, research and publication”, the SGS will become the powerhouse of academic excellence through research and innovation in its areas of specialisation where there is an increasing demand for skills in the market place.

Mandate of the School of Graduate Studies

The mandate of the School of Graduate Studies at Mukuba University is to coordinate postgraduate programmes developed by various departments in the following schools: School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, School of Applied Sciences and Technology and School of Education. The SGS commits itself to living up to the highest ideals of academic excellence in the region.

School Vision, Mission and Values

  • Vision:

To be a leading STEM research‐intensive university in the region, recognised internationally for its quality, relevance and impact creating knowledge and making a difference in providing solutions and resolving societal problems. Mukuba University fosters an inclusive environment that enables novelty, curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking among its graduate students, who work both independently and collaboratively in the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge.


  • Mission

The mission of the Graduate School at Mukuba University is to pursue recognition and attain excellence in its core functions of research, teaching ensure quality in graduate education, advocate for the academic and professional development of graduate students, advance quality and intellectual communication across disciplines, and promote cultural diversity, scholarly integrity, inclusivity, application of critical thinking and sustainability. These act as Mukuba University’s navigational markers to achieving academic and research centre of excellency.


  • Values

We are guided in our work by the Mukuba University core values:

  • Excellence
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Team work
  • Innovation
  • Dependability
  • Creativity
  • Inclusivity
  • Professionalism
  • Pursuit of new knowledge

Strategic Goals of Graduate Education

The primary goal of graduate education at the Mukuba University of o prepare its students for outstanding scholarly and professional achievements by imparting in them skills in their specialised fields and in the intellectual and ethical foundations of research, instilling in each of them the capacity for independent critical thinking and inspiring them to use their knowledge and training for improving and resolving societal problems.

The philosophy of the School of Graduate Studies hinges on the following strategic goals:

  • To prioritise the quality of graduate learning and research to the benefit of learners, the region and continent at large,
  • To provide a dynamic living, learning and research environment to graduate students,
  • To be an internationally renowned STEM education provider in the region,
  • To collaborate with other schools in maintaining and developing high quality graduate programs to provide knowledge, innovation, and creativity
  • Work with the Graduate Committees to review, and assess graduate courses, programs, and policies.
  • Work with Schools, Departments, Directorate of Research and Innovation, Institutes and collaborating partners to define and promote the Mukuba University’s research agenda through grant opportunities and partnerships.
  • To strengthen the University’s research and international profile in collaboration with the directorate of research and innovation
  • To foster and sustain a transformed, inclusive, and equitable University community
  • To provide efficient administrative services and guidelines that facilitate the graduate student experience and program success in the recruitment, retention, and graduation of the best and most diverse graduate students
  • To raise the visibility of the SGS and serve as a conduit to agencies and organizations relevant to graduate students

Administrative Structure

Acting Dean (SGS) – Dr Ferdinand Handavu

Coordinator – Mr Peter Hachangu

Graduate School Board members

  • Dr E Lifuka – A/Deputy Vice Chancellor
  • Dr C. Hakachite – A/Dean (SAST)
  • Dr R. Katete – A/Dean (SMNS)
  • Dr M. Sakumona – HOD)
  • Dr Simango – Dean (Student Affairs
  • Dr N. Sliavwe
  • Dr Silverster
  • Dr E. Mweshi
  • Dr E. Muma
  • Dr D. Luchembe

SGS Academic Staff qualification and Specialisation

The table below specifies the specialisation of lecturing and support staffs.
No. Name of Staff Highest Qualification Area of Specialisation Status
1 Dr Ferdinand Handavu PhD Carbon Modelling & Ecosystems Ecology Full Time
2 Dr E. Lifuka PhD Educational Quality Assurance Full Time
3 Dr R. Katete PhD Biochemistry Full Time
4 Dr C. Hakachite PhD Plant Breeding Full Time
5 Dr A. Chalwe PhD Crop Production Full Time
7 Dr Sylvester PhD Organic Chemistry Full Time
8 Dr M. Sakumona PhD Crop Production Full Time
9 Dr N. Silavwe PhD Inorganic Chemistry Full Time
10 Dr E. Muma PhD Biology Education Full Time
11 Dr E. Mweshi PhD Chemistry Education Full Time
12 Dr D. Luchembe PhD Physics Education Full Time
  • Graduate Programmes Approved
No. Programme School Department Accreditation Status with HEA
1 MSc Nutrition Sciences SAST Dept of Nutrition Sciences Approved – waiting award of certificate
  • Graduate Programmes under accreditation
No. Programme School Department Accreditation Status with HEA
2 MSc Biochemistry SMNS Dept of Chemistry Resubmitted
3 MSc Chemistry SMNS Dept of Chemistry Resubmitted
4 MSc Ecology, Biodiversity and Ecosystems SMNS Dept of Biology To be resubmitted