Ms. Betty O'ngor

The department has a total number of three lectures (Two-part time and one full time). The first intake is currently in the first year. The school aims at training teachers with knowledge to work as fashion and fabrics teachers, designers and textile experts.




Fashion Design Innovation and Creativity

Apparel, Event and Hospitality Management


Current Research: Computer Aided Design (CAD) in Fashion Design Education (PhD)

Future Research: Apparel Decoration in Event Management



Bachelors of Science- Clothing Design (Starts 2023)

Master of Science- Clothing Design (Starts 2023)


On Study Leave


Position: Executive Dean at Chinoye University of Science and Technology


  • PhD in Clothing and Textile Science, University of Fort Hare, Eastern Cape, South African.
  • MEd  Textiles, Clothing and Design, Harare, University of Zimbabwe.
  • BEd Fashion and Textiles, Midlands State University, Zimbabwe.
  • Diploma in Education: Fashion and Fabrics, Mutare Teachers’ College, Zimbabwe

Research Interest:

  • Contemporary issues in fashion design


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Peer reviewer: academic journals

Annals of Social and Behavioural Sciences Journal

Books & book chapters published

  • Issues in Art and Design. CUT Publications (2017) ISBN 978-0-7974-8279-1

Position: Assistant Lecturer


  • MSc Clothing and Textile Science, Rockview University, Lusaka Zambia.
  • BEd Clothing and Textile Science, Solusi University, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • Diploma in Secondary Teaching (Home Economics) , UNZA
  • Certificate in primary Teaching Mufulira College of education