HOD - Dr. SAKUMONA, Mushekwa


The Department of Agriculture Science was established in February 2020 under the School of Mathematical and Natural Sciences at Mukuba University. The establishment of the department was aimed at building capacity in human resources that can turn the agricultural industry into the main economic backbone within Zambia, SADC region and beyond.

The Department will offer two undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, respectively. The two-year Master of Science programmes in Agronomy (Crop Science specialisation) and Post-Harvest Processing and Management will have two options, either as taught MSc or purely by Research. The taught option will be divided into one year course work (Part I) and one year guided research (Part II).

The undergraduate programmes, Bachelor of Science with Honours with specialisation either in Crop Production or Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship will be offered in collaboration with Marondera University of Agricultural Sciences and Technological (MUAST) in Zimbabwe. The programmes have duration of four years inclusive of one semester learning at MUAST in Zimbabwe and a semester for industrial attachment.


Students admitted to pursue any of the Bachelor of Science with Honours do foundation natural science courses in their first year before choosing their major in second year. The one semester for “work-based experience programme” provides a real-life organisational context for students to develop specific or generic skills, valuable to their professional development or manage their own agricultural enterprise. In addition, students are expected to do a one year research project before graduating.

The department has a field research station within the campus for student and academic staff research and practical. In addition, the university acquired a farm in Mushindamo District located approximately 120 km from Mukuba University. The farm will be used for commercial production, research and teaching. Academic staff in the department is actively involved in research aimed at resolving challenges facing food producers and mangers in agribusiness sector.


  • To provide relevant education to the students in Crop production, Crop Improvement, Post-harvest, Food safety and processing, Agribusiness and entrepreneurship.
  • To promote research and training on sustainable development of agricultural productivity, crop protection, and livestock production.
  • To encourage the youths and women on entrepreneurship and rural development.
  • To provide consultancy in agriculture to disseminate the technology innovation to the producer through integrated extension activities.




  • Crop Adaptation and Stress Physiology
  • Horticulture and General Agronomy
  • Plant Breeding(Resistance and Quality Traits)
  • Agriculture for Development
  • Climate Smart Agriculture


  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Under-utilised genetic resources


Year 1

CODE                       COURSE NAME

MAT 150               Foundation Mathematics and Statistics

CHE 110                Foundation Chemistry

BIO 110                 Foundation Biology

PHY 120                Foundation Physics

CSS  122               Communication and Study Skills

BCS 121                Basic Computer Skills

Year 2                  Semester I

AGB 211               Principles agriculture economics              

AGR 271               Introduction to soil science         

AGR 231               Introduction to animal science  

AGR 211               Fundamentals of Crop Ecology and Physiology    

AGR 201               Farm attachment


Year 2                    Semester II

AGR 222               Principles of agricultural crop protection               

AGR 282               Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology           

AGE 222                Apiculture and aquaculture         

AGE 212                Ruminant production    

AGE 232                Non-Ruminant Production          

Year 3                 Semester I

AGR 301               Agricultural Industrial attachment

AGB 311               Farm business management      

AGR 341               Agricultural experimentation, design and analysis             

AGR 371               Soil fertility and plant nutrition 

Year 3                   Semester II

AGR 322               Agricultural pest and disease management         

AGR 382               Management of agricultural wastes        

AGR 392               Agricultural engineering

AGR 342               Research methods and scientific communication

AGR 352               Molecular biology and biotechnology    

Year 4                 Semester I

AGR 411               Crop production              

AGR 441               Pomology           

AGR 451               Plant genetics and breeding       

AGR 431               Olericulture       

AGR 461               Floriculture, ornamental and landscape horticulture

 Year 4                   Semester II

AGR 482               Sustainable agriculture and climatic adaptation 

AGR 442               Post-harvest technology              

AGE 422                Entrepreneurship and innovations          

AGR 422               Seed Science Technology             

AGR 400               Research project


Year 1

MAT 160               Foundation of Business Mathematics and Statistics

CHE 110                Foundation Chemistry

BIO 110                Foundation Biology

PHY 120                Foundation Physics

CSS 122               Communication and Study Skills

BCS 121                Basic Computer Skills

Year 2                  Semester I

AGE 211                Vegetable and Fruit Production

AGB 211               Principles of Agriculture economics

AGB 231               Qualitative research method

AGE221               Animal Production

AGR 201               Farm attachment

 Year 2                  Semester II

AGB 232               Quantitative research method

AGE 242                Apiculture and Aquaculture

AGR 282               Agricultural extension and Rural Sociology

AGE 222                Food Processing Technology 

AGR 482               Sustainable agriculture and climatic adaptation

Year  3                  Semester I

AGR 301               Industrial attachment

AGB 311               Farm business management

AGB 351               Human resources management and industrial relations

AGB 371               Small to medium enterprise management

 Year  3                  Semester II

AGB 322               Business management and Leadership

AGB 312               Econometrics

AGB 342               Business management information systems

AGB 332               Research Methods and Business Communication

AGB 362               Agricultural marketing

 Year  4                  Semester I

AGB 411               Agricultural law and policy

AGB 441               Agribusiness finance

AGB 451               Project planning and management

AGB 431               Financial management and investment for entrepreneurs

AGB 471               Agribusiness insurance and risk management


Year  4                  Semester II

AGB 462               Global agricultural value chains

AGB 422               Entrepreneurship and Innovation

AGB 412               Agricultural trade policy and practice

AGB 442               Agri-business value chain management

AGB 400               Research project