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All Student/Staff coming to borrow books should come with their identity cards which must also be presented when taking out library books.

Books in the Main Collection (Open shelves) are available on an open access basis and may be borrowed. Once you have made your selection, take the material to the library circulation desk with your identity card where those books will be issued to you against your profile in the library system. Bonafide students and staff of Mukuba University are eligible for borrowing privileges upon presentation of a valid University ID card as follows:

2 week loan period for undergraduates with a renewal limit of up to 2 times

3 months loan period for postgraduates, academic staff with a renewal limit of up to 6 months

Books and other materials from the Reserve Collection (short Loan) may be requested at the Short Loans Section. Student or staff identity cards must be presented to a library staff   before material will be issued for a period of two and half hours or overnight only. Overnight loans are possible from 17:00 hrs Monday to Friday and from 15:00 hrs Saturday and Sunday. All materials issued out for overnight must be returned by 10:00 hrs the next morning.

When leaving the Library building with borrowed books, the borrower must hand over all library materials to security staff at the check point. It is critical for the security to ensure that all necessary details for formally borrowing of a book from the library are followed before they allow the student/ staff to leave the library.

At the point of returning library material earlier or on the due date, borrowers must wait for items to be cleared from the system.

Books and other library material may be renewed twice for undergraduate students or up to six months for postgraduate students and academic members of staff of Mukuba University provided that no other reader has reserved the material. Any library material must be renewed before the loan period expires. Material to be renewed must be brought to the circulations desk.

If borrowed items are not returned within the loan period, readers will be fined K 5.00 per item per for the extra days they hold the borrowed book(s) for materials from the open shelf and K10.00 per item per hour for material from the short loan section.

Borrowers are responsible for the loss or damage of library materials issued to them. A lost item will cost the replacement value of the item or it can be replaced by an identical copy.

Anyone found attempting to remove library material not issued to them will be subjected to strict disciplinary action which may include: suspension of library membership, withholding of examination results, and the imposing of a fine at the current market value of the item or any other appropriate action including suspension or dismissal from Mukuba University.


General Working Hours:

Mondays – Friday           08:30 – 21:00

Saturdays                        08:30 – 13:00

Sundays & Public Holidays      Closed

Mukuba Library

Itimpi, Off Kitwe – Chingola Road Campus
PO Box: 20382

Tel: +26 0969284823

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