The Bachelor of Education in Physics B.Ed (Physics) degree programme is designed to produce teachers for physics at secondary school level. The programme provides opportunities for understanding of the subject and its applications. Overall the programme is aimed at addressing physics related real life situations.


  • The Bachelor of Education (Physics) programmes take four (4) years to complete.

  • Demonstrate in-depth understanding of physics processes and education practices involved in teaching.
  • Demonstrate practical skills for implementing laboratory and field procedures, as appropriate to the degree program, involving collection, interpretation and presentation of experimental information.
  • Appreciate the idea that applications of physics can be both beneficial and detrimental to the environment.
  • Entry requirements school leavers


    Candidates who have completed secondary school may enroll for the Bachelor of Education physics programme if they have passed at least 5 O’level subjects with a minimum of credit.  The subjects should include English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Science can replace Physics and Chemistry.


    Entry requirements for diploma holders 

    Diploma holders with Credit or better from a recognized institution may enroll for the programme provided such applicants have 5 ‘O’ level passes, which include English, Mathematics Chemistry and Physics (Science can replace Physics and Chemistry).





  • CHE110
  • CIS101
  • EDU100
  • EDU121
  • EDU122
  • MAT110
  • PHY100
  • EDU211
  • EDU221
  • MAT220
  • PED230
  • PHY220
  • PHY250
  • EDU300
  • PED330
  • PHY270
  • PHY300
  • PHY340
  • EDU401
  • EDU410
  • EDU411
  • EDU431
  • PED431
  • PHY410
  • PHY450